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Over-Collateralized,Decentralized & Transparent

All Mento stables (cEUR, cREAL, cUSD) are fully backed by USDC and DAI (See CGP-61)

New Future

The mission

Mento is a protocol that enables the adoption of digital currencies worldwide, aiming to provide a stable asset for every country. With a goal of onboarding a billion web3 users, Mento is creating a new, accessible future for digital currencies.

Core building blocks


The protocol is comprised of self-executing governable smart contracts. Anyone can
contribute to & control is in the hands of the community.


Diversification of the reserve collateral helps
reduce risk and improves the overall protocol stability.

Environmental Sustainability

By introducing natural capital-backed assets to the reserve, the usage of Mento stables can contribute to preserving natural resources.


Trust begins with transparency and the mento protocol is built with transparency from the ground up. All code is opensource and the reserve holdings are publicly available.

Driving the future of stable assets

Since its launch, Mento has worked as intended by providing stability without significant depegs. However, increasing stability further should not be the sole focus of future developments. To better support the sustainable growth of Mento stables, new innovations are required to increase the protocol's robustness and provide a solid foundation for stable assets as use cases scale. Mento 2.0 is the next iteration of the protocol that will define what it means to be a stable asset platform.

Mento is live on CELO

Mento is currently live on Celo. The Celo blockchain is a mobile-first layer 1 with the mission to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone. In the same way that Celo can be the home to other stable assets, we envision a future where Mento assets live on different blockchains.

A team committed to building a stable future

Mento Labs is a collection of engineers, economists and multi-disciplinary individuals focused on sustainable, stable assets.
The group is composed of individuals from different backgrounds
aligned with the Mento mission.

Learn more

If you're interested in learning more about Mento, finding out what the team is working on now, or would like to contribute, please join our discord server.